Ramadhan ke-20

Bismillahir Rahmannir Rahim...
Sedar tak sedar dah hampir 20 hari kita berpuasa yer...sedihnya dah nak tinggalkan bulan Ramadhan...kena kuatkan usaha dan menambahkan amal ibadah ni...sebab tahun depan tak mustahil kita tak berjumpa Ramadhan lagi...huhuhuhu
10 Tips for the Final 10 Days of Ramadan
1. Since you are already waking up for sahoor, pray 2 rakahs of tahajjud with extra dua.
2. If sisters cannot pray, they can also capitalize on the blessings by reading Quran from memory, read its translation or listening to Quran.
3. You've been served your iftar for almost 3 weeks. Get those gloves on and serve others. Trust me. You will feel great even if the food runs out.
4. Have takeout for Iftar so that your wife doesn't feel so tired from cooking and ends up not making it to taraweeh.
5. Start planning for a spectacular Eid. Instead of going around and shopping for clothes, save the money, decorate the house, and plan your first weekend after Ramadan with your family for a get away.
6. Take necessary steps to prevent post-Ramadanitis. Start thinking about setting 3 goals you wish to achieve after Ramadan and ask your spouse to hold you accountable with kind reminders and encouragements.
7. Have iftar at a park/forest, read Quran around a campfire, tell stories of the sahaba and pray a few rakahs of taraweeh with friends and family on a summer's night.
8. Don't focus on any odd night of the last 10 nights. Do different types of ibadah for each of the last nights by mixing and matching them. For example, reading quran, do some extra tahajjud. On another night, do some tahjjud and clean the masjid etc.
9. Don't give up. Even if you've been a little behind this month, there is still time. As long as you try, you're not slipping.
10. Give sadaqah to a poor person every night of the last 10 nights.
Credit to http://www.owhsomuslim.com for the info regarding our ibadah



Alhamdulillah...terima kasih atas komen membina anda... ^_^